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Cabo Attractions and Things To Do in Cabo

Attractions and Things To Do in Cabo

From a Desert Safari to swimming with dolphins, there is an activity for everyone who comes to stay in Cabo San Lucas looking for some adventure. Our Cabo locals are here 24/7 ready to help you pick the perfect tour to fit your Cabo vacation. We have tours that are perfect for any vacation, and can also recommend local restaurants, dive bars, historical sites, and of course, any activity to do in Cabo that has to do with the beach. There is reason why so many travelers flock to Cabo every year for their vacation, and soon you’ll find out why too!

Things To Do in Cabo

There are an abundance of things to do on land as well as in the water in Cabo San Lucas. On the Gray Line Los Cabos City Deluxe Tour, enjoy a tour of the city and get to know it’s past of Indians, colonization, the introduction of missionaries, pirates, and learn about the Neolithic natives that inhabited the area over 10,000 years ago, in which their drawing in the caves still exist. Do you consider yourself an art lover? Try the Gray Line Art in the Heart of Baja tour, and explore Todos Santos, which is recognized as the artistic and cultural hub of the southern Baja peninsula. This enchanting tour will take you through the historic streets of the bohemian side of town and explore the different hand-made crafts made by local artists.

Fishing in Cabo

Fishing in Cabo is one of the main reasons many of our visitors come to vacation here. The Slippery Lizard fishing tour is fully equipped prepared for both light tackle fishing, and deep-sea fishing. This 28’ Hydra Sport comes ready with an air-conditioned cabin, restroom, and stocked with poles and tackle for the perfect catch. The TantRum is also fully equipped to take your group of up to 4 anglers out to ensure quality control for the happiness of our guests. Get the exciting chance to catch something for dinner like Mahi Mahi, or the variety of Tuna that’s available in the waters of Cabo San Lucas.

Perfect for Thrill Seekers

If you like to go on vacation and do something out of the ordinary to be able to say, “I’ve done that,” than vacationing in Cabo San Lucas is perfect for you. There are some many things to do in Cabo to choose from that will take you far away from the boring life you may have at home. Adventurers and thrill seekers are extremely welcomed here, and have plenty of tours to choose from. Explore the desert side of Cabo with the Outfitters Jeep Safari and off-road through the canyon of Sierra La Laguna, which is inhabited by ancient tribes. Take it a step further, and book the Todos Santos Hummer tour for an even more exhilarating tour off-roading in a tank through the rugged countryside of Cabo. See the natural terrain of Boca de Sierra National Park from high above by gliding a zip line though the remarkable surroundings of Cabo. Looking to get your heart pumping faster in the water? Try the Wave Runner and Snorkeling Expedition to achieve fast speeds, and explore the marine life in the water world off the shores of Cabo.

Meet Cabo’s Animals

For the animal lover, Cabo has plenty of things to do for animal encounters. For something unforgettable for the whole family, we recommend the Cabo Swim with Dolphins tour. On this tour, you get to experience something that most people will never get to even come face to face with in a lifetime, and it’s perfect for anyone of all ages. For the nature enthusiast, and turtle lover, the perfect tour for you is the Outfitters Turtle Release. You can book a tour knowing that you are helping preserve this endangered species, supporting the research facility at the same time, and sending the turtles off into the ocean. Another great thing to do that is very popular among guests of Cabo San Lucas is whale watching. On the Whale Watch Expedition, you can experience the thrill of being up close and personal with marine mammals such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Gray Whales, and occasionally Humpback Whales. This is a great type of tour to bring kids on, and let them experience how big the world can be.

Cabo Vacation Tour Guide

This doesn’t even cover half of the things to do in Cabo! If you want to see all your options of tours and things to do, check out our Things To Do page to do your own compare and contrast. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or chat with a representative today!

Featured Things to do in Cabo

  • Cabo Swim With Dolphins

    Cabo Swim With Dolphins

    A truly rare opportunity awaits you and your family in Cabo San Lucas. People from 5 to 85 will enjoy visiting our Dolphin Center for a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. Youll create lasting memories while swimming with these charming marine mammals. Our Cabo be delighted and entertained by these brilliant and playful creatures.

    • Times vary click More Info button for departure times
    • Adult $ 18900 Child (4 - 9) $ 9900

    Best Price

    $ 18900
  • Outdoor Canopy Adventure

    Outdoor Canopy Adventure

    You will not find a more exciting canopy zipline adventure than our Outdoor Canopy Adventure from Cabo San Lucas. Youll enjoy plenty of fun-filled activities while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, but you wont have a more enjoyable experience than this adrenaline pumping tour.

    • Times vary click More Info button for departure times
    • Adult $ 12900 Child (8-11) $ 9900

    Best Price

    $ 12900
  • Cactus ATV Real Baja Tour

    Cactus ATV Real Baja Tour

    The Cactus ATV Real Baja Tour is a great way to immerse yourself in the tradition, culture, and natural environment of the rugged Baja Peninsula. Sure, you can remain at your hotel and beach at your resort when vacationing in Cabo San Lucas but why not venture out and see what else the Baja Peninsula has to offer.

    • 9:00 AM
    • Double Rider ATV $ 22000 Single Rider ATV $ 19000

    Best Price

    $ 19000

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